Julius M. Feinblum, President

Julius M. Feinblum, President and Founder of JMF Real Estate, Inc. began his career as an order clerk on Wall Street at the age of 18. During his tenure in the stock market, he achieved the title of President of several regional brokerage firms.

At 30, he left Wall Street to follow his family into the furniture industry. They operated furniture store in Brooklyn and Julius joined them as a furniture wholesaler, taking the role of the New York Sales and Marketing Rep for Flexsteel Industries. In this capacity, Julius developed special marketing packages for NY’s largest furniture retailers and helped the company expand its distribution and name recognition throughout the region.

30 years ago, Julius recognized a need for professional real estate representation int he furniture industry. ” I witnessed the virtually unlimited potential available to every retailer who found the “Right Space” for its product”. He founded JMF Real Estate, Inc. and offered to the furniture and real estate industries something that did not exist at that point, a boutique real estate company specializing in the Home Furnishings Industry. Julius learned from his experience in the furniture industry and Wall Street. His first deal was for the largest furniture chain on Long Island, where he brokered the most significant sale of real estate at that time.

He approached Long Island-based Sleepy’s, a then 14-store chain and Seaman’s, another Long Island furniture retailer to lease their properties. After one successful transaction, Julius was asked to handle real estate for both companies. These companies subsequently became the industry leasers of that era in sales, profits and growth. Julius continues relationships with the founders of there companies, spanning over 40 years.

Today, JMF Real Estate is 30 years young and growing, with a National presence as well as a continued emphasis in the Home Furnishings industry. “We have taken every experience and learned from it”, states Julius. “The goal is to apply those experiences to the real estate and growth need to today”.

Julius saw the need to increased technological support, so JMF Real Estate developed a state of the art analysis for demographics, market and position profiles that is used by many of the top furniture retailers. Julius has grown his firm to be recognized by the real estate ownership community as the “go-to” firm for home furnishings clients for their space.

JMF Real Estate, Inc., was recently honored by Furniture Today when they chose David Lucas, a Principal at JMF, to speak at the Future Leadership Conference, on the topic of Succession. Julius’ brother, Fred Feinblum, also a Principal at JMF and his granddaughter are part of the JMF team, that includes 14 others. The professionals who are in an integral part of the company’s success, have been with JMF for over 20 years.


Frederick Feinblum, CFO, Principal

Frederick Feinblum, CFO and Partner of JMF Real Estate, Inc. is a graduate of Brooklyn Collage and Pace University where majored in Accounting and Minored in Business Law.

For the past 15 years, Mr. Feinblum has helped build JMF Real Estate, Inc. into the industry leader that it remains today. Fred has established a very strong brokerage team that services JMF Real Estate clients throughout the county.

David Lucas, Principal

David Lucas has 18 years of experience in commercial real estate, rolling out regional and national mattress and home furnishings retailers throughout the country.

Mr. Lucas has a deep understanding of every market, as well as the specific needs of each of his clients. He consistently demonstrates an integral knowledge of property positioning and lease and purchase negotiations in order to maximize value for his clients.

Mr. Lucas has been an important part of the success of Feinblum Real Estate, working daily with Julius and Fred Feinblum and the other members of the national team.

As a principal of JMF Real Estate, Inc., David brings a unique approach to the growing firm’s future. He is responsible for the innovative and technological advances the firm currently uses to provide market data and analysis. He is the firm’s high-tech go-to, guy, implementing changes on a daily basis.

 Richard Weiss, Associate Broker


 Richard Kornblatt, Associate Broker


 David Hale, Associate Broker


 George “Buddy” Eubanks, Associate